The Delacourt Bucket (2021)

for solo piano

Written for and dedicated to Michael Finnissy.

'The Delacourt Bouquet' is a collection of short pieces by European colonists in Tasmania. Released sometime in the early 19th century, it is described as a "potpourri of song, polkas, waltzes, quadrille and schottische”. The collection (or “bouquet”) has been mostly forgotten and exemplifies a disturbing dissonance between the experiences of the settlers and the indigenous population during this deplorable time in Tasmania’s history.

This set of variations combines material derived from 'The Delacourt Bouquet' with that of an original tune. The original melody is initially presented in its first permutation before being blended with pieces from the 'Bouquet' in six subsequent permutations. The goal of exploring this example of 19th century Tasmanian parlour music is to reflect on its context, rather than celebrate its content.

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